Please Help me bring my adopted daughter Spring Doe home by or before the ninth anniversary of her remains’ discovery. Let my Vigil for Spring on April 28th, 2014 be a celebration that she finally has her real name and gets to go home.

We have a new visual aid to help find her family. You can help by sharing the attached facial approximation and links. Facial approximations can only help if someone who knew her sees it!

One month from today will be the ninth anniversary of the finding of the skeletal remains of my “adopted daughter” who I named “Spring Doe” until her real name is discovered. Spring is M.E. Case 435 and was found near 13060 S. Indiana in Chicago on April 28, 2005. She is described as “a White Female, approximately 13 to 18 years of age”.

Both of my nieces Diamond and Tionda were ruled out as being Spring Doe. If my nieces are lying in a morgue somewhere, I hope someone will push for publicity for them just as I am now pleading for more coverage for Spring!

Our new Medical Examiner, the Chicago police and NamUs and FBI have worked hard to try and determine Spring’s identity. This past Christmas Eve, a facial approximation constructed by an FBI Forensic Artist of what Spring may have looked like was placed on Cook County’s Unidentified web site and later added to her NamUs profile. The right person needs to see this!

Please like and share! The only thing sadder than a missing child is a missing child who has been found and remains unclaimed.

Let’s bring Spring home by her vigil on April 28th, 2014. Somewhere a family has waited suffered and wondered much too long.

More details about the vigil will be posted soon. Thanks for your help,

Shelia Bradley-Smith
Great Aunt of Missing Children Diamond and Tionda Bradley

Cook County Unidentified Web Site:

Spring Doe’s NamUs Profile