M.E. 435

The right person needs to see this!

Three Days Until our “Vigil for Spring.” We received a very nice letter today from our Medical Examiner Dr. Cina in support of our efforts:

“I want you and your colleagues to know that the Medical Examiner’s Office appreciates the efforts you have made to bring awareness to the Unidentified Remains issue. It is our hope that through the combined efforts of our Office, law enforcement, and concerned citizens, that more Unidentified Remains are recovered, identified, and returned to their families.”

We are equally appreciative of everything Dr. Cina has done to help unidentifieds since he took over. Spring Doe was the first Cook County Doe listed with NamUs, followed by many more entries made by Dr. Cina’s office with the help of Dr. Emily Craig of NamUs. Our hope is that this event will remind people to regularly check the Medical Examiner’s Unidentified page for updates and search the listings on NamUs.

Medical Examiner’s Unidentified Site:

Spring Doe’s NamUs Site:

More Information On “Adopt A Doe” Facebook page:


Spring Doe’s Listing On National Center for Missing Children Site: