Every Unidentified Person is Someone’s Missing Family Member!

Hello, my name is Shelia Bradley-Smith, great aunt of missing children Diamond and Tionda of Chicago.  As I continue searching for my grandnieces, I have recently “adopted” Spring Doe, who was found in April of 2005 and currently rests at the Cook County Morgue in Chicago.  I have named her “Spring” because she was found in early Spring, a time when we all renew our hope and spirits for continuing the search for our missing loved ones.

I chose Spring to “adopt” because early on, Spring was compared to my niece Tionda Bradley .  She was also compared to Rachel Mellon who is missing from Bolingbrook, Illinois.   Both girls were ruled out.  Chicago Police publicized the case and reached out to renowned Anthropologist Clyde Snow to examine Spring.  Despite their efforts, years have passed and Spring is still unidentified.  It really bothers me that a child can be “found” but  remain “unidentified” and  “unclaimed” seven years later.  Spring is someone’s child and with the help of the Chicago Police , Medical Examiner’s office, NCMEC and NamUs, and dedicated volunteers, I will do all I can to help bring her home!  Click here to read more about Spring Doe.

If you , like me, are searching for a missing family member, I hope you will also “Adopt A Doe.”  Click here to find out HOW.

Please follow my blog and share Spring’s information wherever you can.

Blessings to those of you who are searching for your own missing loved ones!

And blessings to those of you who don’t have a missing loved one but have chosen to dedicate some of your time to help families like mine continue the search.  Although “Adopt A Doe” is set up specifically for families of missing persons, I know many of you out there help every day out of the goodness of your heart.  So if you want to help with “Adopt A Doe”, reach out to the families of missing persons in your area and make them aware of my “Adopt A Doe” initiative.  If they decide to “Adopt A Doe”, they may want your help collecting information and setting up a Facebook page or WordPress page for their “adopted” Doe.  All of your efforts are appreciated!

Click here to read about Todd Matthews, one special NamUs Administrator who started out as a volunteer searcher, “adopted” an unidentified person, helped identify her and has since dedicated his life to making an enormous difference for all families of missing and unidentified persons.  Hopefully, this link will soon list more adoption success stories because of “Adopt A Doe.”