Here is where I will post “Adopt A Doe” Success Stories as they occur.  Meanwhile, read about how NamUs Communications Director Todd Matthews “adopted” an unidentified girl and helped bring her back to her family.  Click on the pictures to read all about it.


“In my efforts with Tent Girl – I saw her as an isolated individual. I have two siblings that have passed away while very young. But I know where they were laid to rest. That was so much more than the Tent Girl had. So until such time as a family could be located – I chose to become her family.”


“There was so much media keeping the Tent Girl story alive over the years. Pretty much as an urban legend. No targeted efforts to locate family. I took that task as my own. If I failed to locate her – at least she was no worse off than my own blood siblings. There are things worse than being dead – it’s being forgotten. “

 Todd Matthews

Communications Director