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I was blessed to be able to be in Chicago yesterday for the 2nd annual Missing Persons Day and it was a day all about family.


I am so grateful to my family members that joined me to remember Diamond and Tionda,  but also my second family, the family members of other missing persons who have also been on this painful journey for too many years.

When I heard that this year’s event was going to be held on the anniversary of my “adopted” daughter’s discovery in Chicago, April 28, 2005, I knew that no matter how hard it was to arrange, I had to be here.

Aquavion Cathery, Faith Bradley-Cathery, Faith Cathery, Ajani Carr, Foster, Cassandra Cales, Jeff Skemp, and Garry Henning, thank you for being there surrounding me with your loving support!

Months ago, I received word that they were close to a possible I.D. for Spring. As I sat surrounded by both my “families” yesterday, feeling their love and support, my thoughts drifted to Spring, wondering when the answers would come. Who is she? What is her given name? Where are her family members? They weren’t with us yesterday, but some day, they will know that Spring was surrounded with love and family, her flyer displayed along side the loved ones of the rest of us.

Spring, I know the answer is coming soon. Praise God. Soon, I will be able to call you by your given name. Until that day, when your own family can surround you with their love and finally grieve for your loss, I am here for you.

Your loving “adopted” Mother,

Shelia Bradley-Smith

Great Aunt of Missing Children Diamond and Tionda


Thanking God that my Adopted Daughter Spring Doe  finally got massive media coverage in the Chicago area last week thanks to a community alert sent out by the Chicago Police.  Hoping the right person has seen this and the tip that can bring her home comes in.


Never give up hope.  Spring, we will find your family!

Shelia Bradley-Smith, Great Aunt of Diamond and Tionda

Recent coverage of Spring Doe in Chicago Area:


Chicago Police ask for help identifying bones found on South Side in 2005

Chicago Police are asking for the public’s help identifying the bones of a teenage girl found more than 10 years ago on the Far South Side.


Chicago police ask for help identifying bones of girl found in 2005

This is a facial reconstruction done by the FBI that depicts a white teen girl between the ages 13-18 whose skeletal remains were found near the Metra railroad track on the South Side in 2005.


Police ask for help identifying bones found in 2005

Chicago Police are asking for the public’s help identifying the bones of a murdered teenage girl, found more than 10 years ago on the Far South Side.


Police Seek Help Identifying Body Found Near Metra Tracks In 2005


Still Missing!

Still Missing!

Spring Doe

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