November 25, 2012

Dear Chief _________________________:

This letter/email is notice of my intent to “adopt” ________________ Jane Doe  who was found ___________________________.  What do I mean when I say I am adopting her?

I will regularly check in with your police department to find out what has been accomplished in searching for her identity and actively ask questions, just as if she were my own child. This is what I hope someone else will do for my missing loved one if she has been found somewhere and is currently listed somewhere as a Jane Doe.

I think if we work together, we can bring Jane Doe home.

Here are my first questions about Jane Doe.

1. Where are Jane Doe’s remains being stored?
2. Has Jane Doe’s DNA been processed? If so, what systems has this data been entered into?
3. Is Jane Doe listed with NamUs? I don’t see her there. Why not?
4. What officer/ detective is assigned to this Jane Doe’s case? What is his/her direct contact information?
5. If this JaneDoe is already listed with NamUs and I missed her file, what is the current NamUs rating? What data is missing that would improve the rating and this Doe’s chances of being found? I will do everything I can to get Jane Doe’s rating higher. The higher the rating, the higher her chances of being identified.

6. I plan on starting a [Wordpress and/or Facebook] page for her with the information that has already been listed publically.  Is there any information in particular that you think would help?

7. Are any pictures/facial approximations available of Jane Doe and/or pictures of clothing/jewelry found that can be posted on NamUs? I will remind the detective in charge that they can post pictures on NamUs that are only viewable to Law Enforcement if they have something that they think shouldn’t be released publically.

8. Is the Doe a good candidate for 2D or 3D facial reconstruction? Is an anthropological report available to help determine this?  Is the department aware that free Law Enforcement resources and others are available to accomplish facial reconstructions?

Here are my concerns about this Jane Doe:

______ years have passed since she was found, yet she is not listed with NamUs or NCMEC. NamUs has only existed since 2009, but NCMEC has been here from the beginning. Perhaps your department is unaware that NCMEC also lists unidentified children, not just missing children.

Officer __________, I hope you agree that “Adopt A Doe” can help.  If my missing family member _______________________ has been found and is currently a Jane Doe with unprocessed DNA, this “Adopt a Doe” campaign may help get her into the NamUs system faster where she has a chance of being identified.

Some NamUs success stories are listed at this link. More have happened since this story came out:

Thank you for what you have already done for this Doe. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can to help you bring Jane Doe _______________ home. I am having a copy of this letter delivered to your department with a copy for the officer assigned to this case.

Looking forward to talking to you soon, getting some answers to my questions and working with you to help identify Jane Doe ______________.


Your Name

Mother of _______________________, missing from ___________________

since ________________________.