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I want to start out this post by expressing my grattitude to Sue Olsen, mother of missing Brad Olsen.  Sue heard my Adopt A Doe plea and proceeded to adopt the Bolingbrook John Doe found behind a truck stop in 1998.  AND she is in the process of adopting another Doe which I will write more about on another day.

1998 Bolingbrook John Doe was originally thought to be Caucasian.  Through the pro-active efforts of the Will County Coroner and Will County’s Cold Case Squad, he was discovered to be African American.image

His case needs new publicity so that his family may be found and his name returned to him.  Here is his information on NamUs:

Not all families report their loved ones as missing and may not know to check cases at

This Doe was found with a Chicago Pager, so we need Publicity both in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Help us get his facial approximation and the approximation of my “Adopted” daughter Spring Doe out in the media where the right  person can see them and identify them.


If Diamond and Tionda or Brad are out there unidentified, we hope someone else will do as much for them.


Brad Olsen

God bless you and thanks for your help!

Shelia, Great Aunt of Diamond and Tionda Bradley



Still Missing!

Still Missing!

Spring Doe

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