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Love you, Diamond and Tionda, wherever you are! We will never stop looking for you. In four days, another vigil be held for you in Chicago. While remembering you, I hope everyone will also share and think about my “adopted daughter” Spring Doe. The only thing worse than having a missing family member is for your family member to be found and remain unidentified. Someone somewhere is wondering what happened to Spring Doe, just like my family wonders where Diamond and Tionda are. Recently, a living Doe was identified because the post about her being found in California went viral on social media.

How many cases would be solved if the public helped EVERY missing person or unidentified person case go VIRAL on the anniversary?

Blessings to all who are still searching for answers!

Shelia Bradley-Smith
Great Aunt of Diamond and Tionda BradleyDiamondTionda

M.E. 435

The right person needs to see this!



Still Missing!

Still Missing!

Spring Doe

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